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Kim and David Lawrence

My husband, David & I have been going to Dr. Davy since we first started adding dogs to our family many years ago….
Dr. Davy and the entire family at El Dorado Animal Clinic helped us from the onset of our ‘adoptions’ to the support when one of our pets were at the end of their lives….
Our Bearded Collie, Romeo, was cared for by Dr. Davy from 6 weeks old. After we moved out of El Dorado we have gone to many different vets but have never had the quality of care or the expertise we always had at this clinic.
After many months of pain and lack of resolution of pain for our 11 year old Romeo we were starting to think that it was now our time to help end his poor quality of life …. We were visiting my Sister in El Dorado this weekend and after a long agonizing night of pain for Romeo I called Jamie, daughter, friend and office manager on Sunday and she so kiindly arranged for us to meet Dr. Davy at the office. It was so amazing to watch Dr. Davy work and evaluate Romeo, treat us with such kindness and immediately know how to treat Romeo and show us that with the right diagnosis and medications, Romeo was still able to live a happy, old life and stay with us longer…. We may live 100 miles from his office but we will gladly drive back to have Dr. Davy care for our precious Romeo for the rest of his life….. in just a few hours after the right meds, Romeo has had his best night in many months and we highly recommend this clinic and thank both Jamie and Dr. Davy for giving us our Romeo back for as long as he can…..
Kim L Lawrence