• equine

    Senior Moment

    Nov 29 2017

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    Everyone ages, including our horses. And much like ourselves, a horse’s strength and flexibility may diminish, along with his ability to ward off infection and illness with ease as he…

  • Care That Makes Horse Sense

    Oct 07 2017

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    With advances in care and nutrition, horses are living longer than ever. They are also maintaining active lifestyles into their late teens and early twenties, partnering with their owners to…

  • Don't Rock the Boat

    Don’t Rock the Boat

    Aug 01 2017

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    Boating is one of the most popular summer pastimes, and you don’t have to leave your landlubbing, four-legged friend behind! It is possible to take your pet out on the…

  • Canine Flu

    Flu Bug

    Jul 26 2017

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    I asked my human about canine influenza virus (CIV) today because it sounds like one of those things I don’t want to catch (not like my stick, which I really…

  • ringworm prevention

    Ring Out Ringworm

    Jul 20 2017

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    Despite its name, ringworm is actually caused by a fungal infection of the top layers of skin and hair, not a worm. This infection is one of few that can…

  • awash in water

    Awash in Water

    Jul 17 2017

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    Everyone loves a refreshing drink of cool water, especially on a hot summer day when the fresh air and sunshine combine to lead to more time spent outdoors for us…

  • flea and tick prevention

    Drops and Collars and Dips…Oh My!

    Jul 15 2017

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    It’s an understatement to say that pets should be protected from ticks and fleas. Besides the aggravation and discomfort of itching, these parasites can infect your furry friend with serious,…

  • Here comes the boom - fireworks safety

    Here Comes the Boom!

    Jul 04 2017

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    Fireworks are pretty to look at, but not all pets appreciate the booms that go along with them! Eighty percent of pet owners have had a pet who was afraid…

  • The Science Behind Happy – Now at a special price for a limited time!

    May 08 2017

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    Good nutrition is a cornerstone to the health and well-being of your pet, and the easiest way to ensure his nutritional needs are met is by feeding him a quality,…

  • Prevent Heartbreaking Heartworms

    Preventing Heartbreaking Heartworms

    Apr 27 2017

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    While heartworms are more concentrated in some areas of the U.S., they have been reported in all states. Even during long, cold winters, mosquitoes can find warm, protected spots to…