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Nov 15 2017

Don’t Let Diabetes Get Your Pet Down

Diabetes in your pets is no more fun than it is for humans. And though pets are more apt to develop the disease later in life, it can still cause a number of health issues. Early diagnosis is important for dogs and cats alike.

Pets who live with untreated diabetes for a year or more can develop other health issues. Dogs most commonly develop cataracts that may lead to blindness, while cats commonly develop a weakness of the hind legs caused by high blood glucose levels causing nerve damage and muscle wasting.

Though we stress preventing diabetes in pets by following a quality diet, providing lots of exercise and helping your pet maintain a healthy weight, sometimes the disease can’t be prevented. Early detection is incredibly important, as left untreated, cats and dogs alike can develop ketoacidosis, a secondary complication.

Most dogs who are diagnosed with diabetes will remain diabetic for the rest of their lives. Treatment goals focus on controlling blood sugar levels, ending the clinical signs, stabilizing weight and preventing any complications from developing. To do this, we will guide you through a week of insulin therapy that can be done at home after establishing a glucose curve which will determine his proper insulin levels, accounting for both natural and administered insulin. Though cataracts may still develop in dogs under a quality treatment plan, they can be removed surgically.

Nearly 80 percent of cats go into diabetic remission with aggressive treatment immediately after diagnosis. Treatments include dietary adjustments and starting her on a once or twice daily insulin therapy. The goal of treating cats with diabetes is keeping the clinical signs of diabetes at bay.

Pets with a diabetes diagnosis can and do live long and active lives. If you think your pet may have developed the disease, or you would like more information, contact us!

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