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Oct 13 2017

No Laughing Matter

Obesity is considered an epidemic in America with nearly 70 percent of the population categorized as overweight or obese. And the problem isn’t limited to people … over half of the cats and dogs in the nation are overweight as well.

We’ve all seen a pudgy pup or fat cat that might make us chuckle, but the truth is, there’s nothing funny about obese pets. The well-being and lifespan of these animals are severely jeopardized by the same complications that plague their people; diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney failure and cancer can all be triggered or exacerbated by obesity. Also like the people who love them, pets with obesity-related health issues face the need for higher degrees of medical care, including the time and costs that go along with specialized treatment plans.

The roots of pet obesity are very similar to those of their people, too. Overeating, excessive and unhealthy snacking and lack of exercise are all contributors to the health-challenging condition. In fact, research confirms that the less a pet is fed during her lifetime, the better her chances of a longer life. Of course, no one is suggesting your pet be left hungry or malnourished, but the right amount of nutritious food (which we can recommend for your furry family member) coupled with occasional healthy snacks and adequate daily exercise can help her add years to her life.

So where does your pet weigh in? If you’re unsure whether her weight is in a healthy range, or if you know your pet has gotten pudgy and needs to drop a few pounds, we can help. Let us evaluate her and make a healthy weight recommendation and diet plan that can contribute to her maximum health potential.

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