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Jul 26 2017

Flu Bug

Canine Flu

I asked my human about canine influenza virus (CIV) today because it sounds like one of those things I don’t want to catch (not like my stick, which I really like to catch!). I heard I could get it by socializing with other dogs–and I REALLY like socializing with all the dogs who come into our clinic. I was afraid I would have to stop being friendly and getting to play. But my human let me know that I don?t need to worry about it.

Because of my lifestyle, I’ve received the vaccination for CIV, as well as some other vaccinations that help protect against other causes of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD). Any other dogs with a lifestyle similar to mine (lots of friends, some spa trips, staying overnight at a doggy hotel) should tell their humans to speak with mine about whether any of these vaccines are right for them. Most of these should be given at least two weeks before whatever is on your social calendar, so make sure you make an appointment with plenty of time to spare.

I know it means shots, but you’d rather have a little poke with a needle (and my human promises he’ll be gentle!) than have to miss out on the fun you have scheduled because you have a cough or fever, right?

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