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Jul 15 2017

Drops and Collars and Dips…Oh My!

flea and tick prevention

It’s an understatement to say that pets should be protected from ticks and fleas. Besides the aggravation and discomfort of itching, these parasites can infect your furry friend with serious, occasionally even fatal, diseases.

Fortunately there is a wide array of products available to help protect your pet pal from these harmful parasites. Among them:

Topical medications. Typically a small vial of liquid that is applied to your pet’s skin, often between the shoulder blades. The liquid spreads over the body through the sweat glands, and its active ingredient is released over several weeks’ time. Topicals are popular because they continue to work even if your pet gets wet.

Oral medications. Similar to topicals, but given orally, these medications often have ingredients to prevent worms in addition to providing flea and tick control.

Sprays and powders. These products are spritzed or dusted onto your pet, taking care to avoid his eyes and mouth. Since they can be washed off, it’s important that pets stay dry for the products to be effective.

Shampoos and dips. Somewhat of a temporary fix, shampoos will wash away fleas and their eggs quickly, but re-infestation is common. Dips are diluted with water, then applied to your pet who is allowed to air dry. These options are obviously not best for pets who dislike getting wet.

Collars. A common, inexpensive preventive, flea and tick collars release a chemical to repel the parasites, but often have a pungent smell and can irritate the skin of some dogs and cats.

There is no universal recommendation for flea and tick preventives, and like any medical treatment, a preventive regimen should be tailored for each individual pet based on a variety of factors like age and lifestyle. We look forward to working with you and your furry companion to help keep him pest-free all year long.

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