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Mar 07 2017

No Bull about Bulls

For cattlemen, realizing maximum profitability is dependent upon the number of healthy calves making up the calf crop, and the bull who sires these calves is the most influential factor in this equation. Because of the extremely important role of your bull, and the estimation that as many as 20 percent of them are infertile, fertility testing is highly recommended before each breeding season.

Nearly all beef cattle in the U.S. are bred by natural process, so it’s important that your bull be able to perform at a satisfactory level throughout the season. Several factors affect this performance including age, libido, physical strength, dominance, scrotal circumference and semen quality. While some of these qualities may be outwardly apparent, others, like semen quality, can only be determined with professional testing. Additionally, because some fertility factors vary, it’s recommended that most bulls who fail an initial exam be retested several weeks later, as many of them will meet required standards during the second test.

Besides giving your bull a thorough exam to ensure his physical soundness and stamina, we will conduct testing on the semen to ensure appropriate factors like sperm count, motility and conformation.

We realize that every calf is a big stake in your bottom line. Don’t take chances with a successful calf crop–let us ensure that your bull is in prime condition to service your herd.

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