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Mar 07 2017

Cat Appreciation Month


Check meow-t! Doc’s cat–Chunky–here, ready to tell you why cats are the best creatures ever to roam the Earth. Now, that may seem a little dramatic to you, but it’s true–there is just no better pet than us.

(We interrupt with this disclaimer: All opinions on this blog post are Chunky’s own. We maintain the belief that all pets are created equal.)

Chunky talking

Chunky Talking

Ahem, what was that? Let’s get back to the mane topic here, OK? From lions to leopards to lap cats at home, all members of the feline family are purr-dy fantastic, but don’t go twisting my words and decide you need a tiger as a pet–believe me, that is not a good idea. Besides, there are plenty of cool cats to choose from at the local shelter if you’re looking for a new friend to cuddle.
So whether you have a cat, want a cat or just love cats, here are a few reminders why we are the No. 1 pet in American homes (it’s true!).

– We’re cute. (No-brainer, but we’ve got to start somewhere.)
– We’re soft. (Yep, even those hairless guys.)
– We’re smart.
– We’re funny.
– We bring you presents. (You may not always appreciate them, but to us, a dead mouse or bird means “I love you.”)
– We let you rub our bellies … sometimes.
– We “knead” you just as much as you need us.
– We’re independent. (Although we still miss you when you’re gone!)
– We keep our “business” contained to a box. (Ask the dog what he thinks about that!)
– We purr, which is the greatest sound in the whole world.
– We wake you up at the same time every morning–no need for an alarm clock!
– We groom ourselves, so baths aren’t necessary.
– We’re the perfect size for your lap. Or your computer keyboard. Or the book you’re trying to read. Or your face.
– We love you. Really, we do.

So there you have it! Just a few reasons why cats are paw-some. Feel free to send this list to a friend who claims to dislike cats–I have a feeling she’ll soon be meowing a different tune.

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