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Feb 23 2017

Time for Your Pet’s Fix

So when should you get your pet fixed? That’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. The reality is that your pet will need to be placed under anesthesia in order for the procedure to be completed, so we want your pet to be big, strong and healthy enough to handle that, and each pet reaches sexual maturity at a different time. The right answer for one pet could be a very wrong recommendation for another.

When we make a recommendation for the timing of your pet’s spay or neuter, we take a lot of variables into consideration, including your pet’s species, breed, age and any known family history or potential behavior concerns to determine the best time for your pet to have this surgery. We want to be certain to avoid any potential issues with an unexpected pregnancy, and most health benefits associated with spaying female pets are greatest if the procedure is done before they come into heat the first time. This is especially true for cats.

Another reason we might recommend your pet be spayed or neutered at a certain time involves her ability to heal. It’s a fact that younger pets heal faster than older pets. For younger pets, a sterilization surgery may cause them to skip a beat–if it slows them down at all–while an older pet may face a longer recovery period. Additional behavior concerns such as aggressiveness and spraying are more likely to be found in pets who are left intact until they are older. If you have a pet who is prone to wandering, we may recommend the surgery sooner rather than later to see if removing the urge to answer the call of nature gets your pet to stay closer to home and out of the trouble that might be encountered when roaming. This trouble could include, but is certainly not limited to, fights, being hit by a car and causing or being the cause of an unexpected pregnancy.

Your pet’s continued good health is the most important consideration for us when recommending the right time for your furry friend to be spayed or neutered. Our advice will always be given with your pet’s best possible health in mind. If you have any questions about the right time to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter, please contact us.

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