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Feb 15 2017

Dicey Drug Dispensaries

When your pet requires a medication to treat an illness or disease, it can be tempting to shop online for a better price or free home shipping. Before you click “buy now,” consider the facts when it comes to online pharmacies selling pet meds.

It is illegal for online pet pharmacies unaffiliated with a veterinary clinic to buy supplies from veterinary pharmaceutical companies. This means that any medicines those strictly online pet pharmacies sell are obtained from third-party sources. The meds could be counterfeit, expired or even contain inactive or incorrect ingredients.

Most medicines require proper storage practices. You don’t know how your pet’s medicine has been warehoused — or for how long. Our online pharmacy guarantees all medications have been properly handled according to each manufacturer’s recommendations and that the medication you receive is valid (not expired) to ensure your pet is getting a drug that’s effective and safe.

There is often little recourse when a medicine purchased online doesn’t work as expected. Does the online pet pharmacy have a licensed and trained veterinarian on staff to answer your questions or who can determine if your pet’s medication should be changed? Are you able to return a medicine for a refund? We are your local, trusted source for any and all issues that may arise when your pet is taking a medication.

Online pet pharmacies do not know your pet like we do. We’ve examined your pet. We love your pet! Her medical history, previous prescriptions and personality are all known to us. This makes our online pharmacy the best choice to fill a prescription, and we’re also available to show you how to properly administer it.

We love to shop online for products and services as much as you do, but when it comes to medicines for our own pets, web surfing isn’t even a consideration. We choose the safest route — our clinic’s online pharmacy. Our online pharmacy has it all: convenience and peace of mind. If price is a concern (and we know it often is), we are happy to check if a lower-cost alternative is an option or see if a manufacturer is offering a promotion that will help defray the cost. For some prescriptions, we may even be able to price-match, because your pet’s safety and wellness is our top priority!

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