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Nov 27 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the day with their families and pets.  I made my humans take the day off, and have the whole day planned out for them!  Their kids and grandkids are coming, and that means more playtime for me!  My humans have taught them well, and they know how to play all of my favorite games.  We have a full day of throw-the-stick, London bridge, and of course, my favorite, hunting!!!  Three of my hunting buddies are in the military; one is Army, one is Air Force, one is Navy and they ALL get to be here with me today!  I am BEYOND excited!  Besides knowing how to play my favorite games, the grandkids also know not to give me or any other of my canine friends any human food while they are here.  I know it is tempting for you humans to give leftovers and other indulgent treats to your pets today, but my human says that could be bad.  He says that turkey bones can splinter and puncture the esophagus and stomach, and that giving fatty foods or turkey skin can cause pancreatitis.  Both of these are very painful and I know those of you reading this would never want to cause your pets any pain!  Although some human foods are okay for pets, it is sometimes tough to gauge how much human food is safe since many pets weigh less than their humans.  Too much can cause diarrhea and who has time for that?  Not me!!!  I will stick to my Science Diet and Lean Treats, but I DO expect a few extra Lean Treats throughout the day since my humans get something special!  Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone, and I will send my human back to work at the office on Friday!

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