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Nov 04 2014

Introducing…..Wellness Plans!

My humans know the importance of providing good quality veterinary care for their pets, but they also understand that good medicine costs money.  This can sometimes be hard to afford in one lump sum, so my humans have introduced wellness plans!  What is a wellness plan?  A wellness plan breaks down the preventive care your pet needs over the course of the year into convenient monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from the account you specify each month, allowing you to have the peace of mind that the preventative care needs for your pet will be met.  The plans my humans set up also give some discounted pricing on the total cost!  They currently have 14 different plans that provide for things like wellness visits, dental cleanings, spay or neuter, vaccinations, laboratory tests, heartworm preventative and flea preventative.  Depending on the products that you and your veterinarian choose, you may have a prescription deductible to meet.  Check out our wellness plans today and see which one will best suit your needs!

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