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Oct 18 2014

Laser Therapy for Pain Management

I am loving the cooler weather, but it has brought on some aches and pains.  I have noticed that as I get older, I seem to have more problems with that, especially when it is cold out!  I think I will ask my human to give me a laser pain therapy treatment with his Cutting Edge Therapeutic Laser.  Instead of cutting, like his other laser does, this laser uses light energy to help my body heal naturally.  He told me the laser makes inflammation go down,  and that the inflammation is what causes me to hurt.  All I know is that it feels so good and makes my pain disappear!  Dr. Davy makes me wear some funny-looking glasses when he gives me the treatment, and makes all the staff wear them, too.  He said it is to protect our eyes from the laser beam.  He says he can use the laser to treat all kinds of different things, and uses it after every surgery to jump-start the healing process.   Sometimes, I get ear infections that hurt really bad and make it hard for me to hear things.  My human uses the laser on them, along with some medications, and that fixes me right up!  By using the laser, I don’t have to take as much medication to get better, and I get a mini-massage.  It is a double win for me!

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