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Oct 15 2014

Happy National Vet Tech Week!

This week is National Veterinary Technician week.  My human, Dr. Davy, has a veterinary technician that works for him.  Her name is Kathy Daily.  (You might remember me talking about her before, when I went through my wellness screening tests.)  For those of you that don’t know, a veterinary technician is like a nurse, laboratory tech, anesthesia tech, grief counselor, and behavior advisor all rolled into one.  Unlike an assistant, veterinary technicians not only have to go to school to get their degree, but they also have to go back to school every year to maintain their license!  My human says Kathy does all kinds of things to make his life easier and to help with other people’s pets.  I don’t know if you are aware, but we animals don’t like to tell humans when something is wrong.  We like to give you clues and make you guess!  Well, Kathy likes to hunt for those clues so she can tell Dr. Davy and he can figure out what is wrong and how to fix it!  They make such a good team!  Among many other things, Kathy also watches all the pets while they are asleep for surgery, runs the laboratory tests, fills prescriptions, transcribes the medical notes from Dr. Davy, calms down scared or nervous pets, and provides nursing care for hospitalized pets.  The list goes on and on!  I know she is a huge help to Dr. Davy, but as far as I am concerned, her best quality is that she always comes prepared with cookies for me!  Because, as we all know, it is all about what is best for me! I have her trained very well, too.  She knows that when I sit it is time for her to give me a treat.  Yep, I am a people trainer!  I’ve got to go now.  Kathy will be disappointed if I don’t stick my nose in her pocket to see what treats she has for me today, and I don’t want to disappoint my friend!

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