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Sep 16 2014

Hello Fall!

I think Fall has arrived, and that makes me excited because, as a hunting dog, I get to have the most fun in the Fall!  I really enjoy hunting with my human.  It gives us special time to bond.  Not to brag, but I am also an excellent retriever!  I tried to teach my human to go get birds, but he is impossible!  I would take him out and show him where the bird was, but he wouldn’t touch it until after I picked it up.  I have seen other humans behave the same way!  Silly humans!  They are so lucky they have us to do that work for them!   To make sure my nose works properly, my human always gives me a vaccination for something called kennel cough, or bordetella.  Some humans only give their dogs the vaccination for this if they are boarding, but other dogs are at risk, too.  My human said this disease travels through the air from dog to dog, and causes a nasty, hacking cough that can linger on for up to 8 weeks and even lead to pneumonia!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that!!!  I guess if I get kennel cough, I could also lose my sense of smell.  That would be AWFUL!  I love smelling things, and I am really good at it, too!   I am so glad my human cares enough to make sure I don’t get that disease!  Plus, the vaccination is not a shot!  He just puts some liquid in my mouth and it doesn’t even taste bad!  Of course, he always gives me a Lean Treat afterward – I have trained him well on that subject!   Well, I can’t talk long today.  There are fields to explore and scout out before I take my human hunting!  

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