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Sep 09 2014

I passed my tests!!!

I passed my tests!!!  My human says it is important for me to have this bloodwork done every 6 months since I am 10 years old.  He says that by doing this, he can catch problems before they cause too much damage and make changes to correct things.  I stood very still while Kathy and Brad took some of my blood.  I barely even felt the needle.  I feel kind of silly now for being scared.  They told me they were going to use a vein in my neck so they could save the veins in my leg for if I ever got sick and needed I.V. fluids.  They did a total of 17 tests off of that one blood draw and they did them all while I waited! 


After Kathy was done drawing my blood, she gave me a neck massage which felt sooooo good and told me I was a very brave girl!  Because I weighed in today at 106 pounds, which is healthy for my bone structure according to Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol, she even gave me a few extra treats for being so good!  I got both Hill’s Fruity Snacks with cranberry, and Lean Treats with chicken!  Yay me!!!

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