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Sep 05 2014

And the thunder rolls….

Happy Friday, my friends!  I hear they are calling for some thunderstorms today.  I really like the storms; all the lightning and thunder fascinate me, but not all my friends share my opinion.  In fact, some of them really tear things up when it storms!  One of my very best friends used to be that way, until my human had her human buy something from him called an Adaptil diffuser.  It looks like an air freshener that plugs into the wall, but it puts out something called pheromones that just make all the dogs in the house feel so calm and mellow!  It even comes in a collar and spray form, in case the diffuser won’t work for your situation.  For some reason, I like going to visit her even more since they started using it!  Her human leaves it plugged in all the time, because who knows when Kansas storms will pop up!  When she needs a refill, she just comes into the El Dorado Animal Clinic and picks it up, or orders it online from the clinic’s online pharmacy.  It is just that easy!  Before, when storms would come through, my friend would get all drugged up on sedatives.  With the Adaptil diffuser, she just goes on her merry way like nothing is wrong!  She is no longer drugged up, and no longer a danger to herself during storms! I like that so much better!

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