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Aug 26 2014

Fleas are taking over!!!

I don’t mean to sound the alarm, but are you aware that the fleas are trying to take over El Dorado and the rest of Butler County?  I mean they are coming out in DROVES!!!  Thank goodness my human treats me monthly with NexGard by Merial.  It is a prescription medicine that kills both fleas and ticks, and it tastes so yummy!!!  Best of all, it CAN’T wash off with all the swimming I do in the creek.  My human said since it is a prescription, not all dogs can get it – just the special ones with an existing veterinarian/client/patient relationship.  If he decides for some reason that NexGard isn’t right for you, he can recommend which product is best for you to use.  There are so many choices now, it makes it hard to know what to use when!  He sees me every day, so it is easy for him to prescribe medicine for me, but if he hasn’t seen you in a while (or ever!) then you would have to come see him in order to get your NexGard.  That’s all you have to do to establish a relationship.  Easy-peasy, right?  Oh, but you better bring your human to pay the bill at the end of the visit!  I tried to pay him with sticks once.  It didn’t go over well.    

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One response to “Fleas are taking over!!!”

  1. dharkins says:

    Keeper, your mom is absolutely correct! If all pets in the house are not treated for fleas, then the flea population can not only multiply out of control, but you can also create an army of fleas that are resistant to the medication your mom gives you! Who wants to give fleas the upper hand? Not me!

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